The Floured Apron Fresh Food Bundle

The Team at Everyday Gourmet has been working hard to create a brand new experience for our customers that we are very excited about! Along with our traditional catering, including the best boxed meals in town, we are now offering a meal bundle service.  We miss being able to serve our amazing clients and have developed a program that is one part "relaxation," let us do all the cooking and give yourself a night off. One part hands on experience, where you get to be your own cooking show while finishing off a prepped meal.  Lastly, the program is rounded out with a mini CSA where we will be showcasing some local produce or products from the talented farmers, bakers, beekeepers, and artists in our area.
The Weekly Bundle Provides You with ALL of the following:
This meal is completely prepared for you and designed to give you a night off. Let us pamper you!
This meal is named after a Classic French culinary term meaning "everything in its place". We will prep ingredients for this meal so you can cook with ease. Follow our recipe or use one your favorites with the prepped ingredients! Don't forget to follow our YouTube Channel to view our cooking tutorials.
There are days you need food fast, but your body deserves more than fast food. Our chilled salads, dips, quiche, or soups are here for you to fend off becoming a hangry beast, or to make you the host with the most by pulling out an impromptu shareable snack.
We have cultivated a few local items to complete your bundle and enhance the meals you are ready to enjoy. These little additions are designed to showcase the best of the season in produce, fruits, or other goodies from local vendors.
***Items will vary weekly based on season and availability.





GF- Gluten Free, DF- Dairy Free, FF-Freezer Friendly

One-time Bundle

Weekly Subscription

Purchase a Monthly Subscription and Save!

Subscription Price:

$140 Family of 4 Meal Bundle

$90 Family of 2 Meal Bundle


One-Time Bundle Price:

$165 Family of 4 Meal Bundle

$115 Family of 2 Meal Bundle

Vegetarian? You can choose our Meatless Bundle!

Pick Up and Delivery Available

$15 Delivery Fee Applied

(must be within 10 miles)

We believe in whole, real foods that make you feel energized and happy!

Every other week is clean; free from gluten, dairy and added sugars.

All of our bundles are full of nutritious whole foods but we like to give those with dietary restrictions, ourselves (this is where it stemmed from!) and everyone else a little boost during the clean eating weeks!