The Incredible Edible Egg

The Incredible Edible Egg…

I have been head over heels for eggs as long as I can remember.  I ate them as cheap meals in college, I lusted for their protein when pregnant with both my boys, and I marvel at their versatility. Currently, I have had a round of nostalgia for the deviled egg.  How could you not love them- even the name is sassy!  With deviled eggs the sky is the limit for flavor profiles.  I love them in all forms, Bacon & Blue Cheese, French Dijon, Truffled, Green Olive & Chive, Caviar Topped.  These little bites can be dressed up or down, like the “Little Black Dress” of hor d’oeuvres….the bite that can go from day to night!

Recently, I was enjoying a post work cocktail at King James when I was reminded of the cousin of the deviled egg; the pickled egg.  For many many years I thought pickled eggs were an example of food in the grossest form.  My only exposure being gallon jars filled with neon pink eggs that were sitting on gas station counters adorned in a film of dust.  Seriously, who ate these things?  Clearly, they were placed there for comedic decoration to illustrate how rural of an area you had stopped for gas.  Then it happened, I was with my dearest friend and she was Pickled eggPROUDLY offering to share her Granny’s special batch of pickled eggs with me.  Not only was I terrified of the taste but the anticipation of the smell when she opened the jar was almost enough to make me politely bow out and insist she not have to share the coveted eggs with me.  But wait, what did you say??? They are  in pickled beet juice?  Well, now you have just combined two of my favorite things, I love beets (especially pickled ones) almost as much as I love eggs.  It helped immensely that these eggs had arrived in a classic ball canning jar and were hardly reminiscent of the neon stunt doubles from the gas station.  After this introduction to pickled eggs, I had joined the cult following.  I still have not “enjoyed” one from a gas station, but when I found them at King James prepared in beet juice I was tickled pink.  I immediately had to take a photo to send to my old roommate as an ode to her Granny who has since passed.

When Easter rolled around (Granny’s egg pickling season) I had found myself craving them but with out the patience or time to allow a good pickling, so I decided to create an inside out pickled egg.  Hence, the pickled beet and horseradish deviled egg was born, such a pretty little thing.  And to offer a bit of color contrast I made a sibling of curried cucumber deviled eggs.  Maybe someday my grandkids will be scaring their roommates with fushia morsels in my honor!

Gourmet deviled eggs